April 5, 2019 John Course

Request Music Categories Explained

Our music categories are simply listings for those of you who want to dive deeper into the music pool and maybe have a style of music in mind for your event or function that is a bit different to the mainstream. We have artists on Request who are THE actual DJ’s who play and have played at Australian events and iconic clubs, (not just new DJ’s playing music from that period). Some of our acts will be the people you actually danced to, or maybe still do dance to, in venues around the country and who are closely aligned with particular styles of music in your mind. So treat the music categories as a “music assistant” and see who pops up in our search. Some tracks may appear in multiple genre’s, some distinct to one style. Here’s some descriptions of the categories to help and some links to our playlist that give a small taste of the type of music you can expect from each genre’ and that fits each category:


One person’s old school is somebody else’s new track right?

For some clarity we treat this as any music from clubs that is more than about 6 years old. So it could be Avicii’s classic “Levels” from 2012 or Inner City’s “Good Life” from 1989. The main difference between this and our Classic Pop category or our Classic R&B category is that this is music from club-land. It may have ended up on the radio at some stage (like say “Put Your Hands Up For Detroit” by Fedde Le Grand), but it started in nightclubs and has a relationship with nightclubs that say “Oops I did It Again” by Britney simply doesn’t have (as that is clearly a Classic Pop track even though you may have danced to it in a nightclub). House music, trance, progressive house, deep house, Chicago house, vocal house etc could all be in this Genre’ remembering that we’ve separated R&B into it’s own category. Here’s some examples in our Old School House & Club Spotify playlist:


Again don’t get too hung up on when a track becomes “old school”. This is simply the R&B favourites which are not super new and current. Anything from Blackstreet’s “No Diggity” to Pharrell Williams “Happy” from 2013, which is probably one of the newest tracks that fits into this category. Think R&B Fridays and you’ll be in the ball park. Here’s some examples in our Old School R&B playlist on Spotify;



Your radio and chart-topping favourites from yesteryear… This style of music is the most POPular tracks from the old school. You heard them on the radio, on Countdown, and at your local pub. Party tunes for party people. Check our Classic Pop Top 40 playlist below on Spotify to get a feel for this genre’;



We’re not just talking Saturday Night Fever here… The resurgence of disco funk in the modern club music era is astounding with artists like Late Nite Tuff Guy, Dr Packer, Joey Negro and the like touring the world playing this sound, be it new tunes or classics. Perfect cool grooves for the background or classy vibes to get any dance floor rocking. Here’s a small example of tunes that fit into this category with our DISCO and FUNK Spotify playlist:



The sounds you’re hearing right now in club land. Again remember these are tracks that emerge from club dance floors and may end up on the radio, but may simply remain club anthems and never make it to your FM dial. Track s like Fisher’s “Losing It” and Camel Phat’s iconic “Cola” are two that have crossed over, but here’s a cracking playlist to give you a feel of what to expect when you tick the Current House and Club genre’ DJs on REQUEST ARTISTS;



The tunes from the likes of Cardi B, Bruno Mars, Post Malone, 21 Savage and more. The superstars of the new R&B and rap scene. Here’s a selection to give you a feel for this genre’;



From Taylor Swift & Bruno Mars to Ariana Grande & Post Malone. The most POPular songs from the radio. Here’s a playlist we’ve made to give you an idea of what our REQUEST ARTISTS DJ’s who play this category will be dropping;



When you’ve spent your years on the club dance floors, at raves, or techno dance parties, this is the playlist and style for you… Here’s a taste of some of the sounds from the true underground dance floors of the world that fall into this genre’ and that you’ll find the DJ’s who come up in this category are capable of playing;