Melbourne VIC Australia

The term ‘Disk Jockey’ gets used very loosely these days. However if you look back at it’s origin you’ll find that a DJ is someone who plays ‘popular recorded music’. In other words; songs that you actually enjoy hearing! Unlike most DJ’s, Matty D understands song selection, which is why, without fail, every time he hits the decks the focus is not on him, despite his rockstar persona, but on the songs. This is why he is rapidly becoming the party DJ of choice to Australia’s Ace-list. MattyD has had the privilege to play some pretty amazing events, Personally invited to play Leonardo DiCaprio’s 4th of July party, 1Oak (Los Angeles), Highlight Pool Room (Los Angeles), was a regular on the Stereosonic roster, Drake pre party and way too many more to name. He is also the Music Director of EpLp (Los Angeles).

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